How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite on Android

The beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available in selected countries, suggest the Philippines as of now. There is also no word on when it will be available for other countries.

But you can surely go ahead and pick the APK file of the game and sideload it on your mobile phone.
Apart from the APK file of the game, you will also have to download the OBB file and save it in your Android’s OBB folder.
Another thing to note is that since the lightweight version game is currently available on Play Store in the Philippines, you will require VPN Service to change the location for connecting to the server.

So this is how I can download the PUBG Mobile Lite game for your low power Android device and enjoy it.
It is interesting to notice that while one company is launching a lightweight version of their already popular game, so that Android users with low powered Android Smartphones can enjoy the game.

There is another game developer, Epic Games, who are launching the Fortnite game for Android mobile but have decided to not list it in Google Play Store.

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